Sphynx about breed

Legendary Cat

Pyramids, sands, mystery of the Ancient Egypt, oriental exuberance and overwhelming luxury. A creature that seems to combine the whole wisdom of the centuries. All this refers to an enigmatic, mysterious and poetic cat – the majestic Sphynx.

Historical background

Despite of its name the first Sphynx appeared far away from Egypt. This cat breed is known from ancient times. The cats of that extinct breed called “the Mexican hairless” were demonstrated on the first cat exhibitions in the USA in the beginning of the 20th century. The new lease of life was given to this breed in 1966, when in Ontario (Canada) a usual domestic cat gave birth to a hairless kitten. Hereafter as a consequence of diligent selection works that had been carried out throughout many years the breed standard was developed and registered. The reproduction of the Sphynx is a complex task that is only within the power of highly experienced breeders.

Physical features

The Sphynx is a graceful and delicate pet. By looking at Sphynx, you can mark the beauty and fluency of its motions and its mystery-effusing image. The main distinctive feature of a Sphynx is the absence of hair coat. However, these cats only seem to be uncoated. In fact, its skin reminds of smooth suede or a velvety peach by feel. By touching the Sphynx, you can feel the warmth and firmness of its body. Sphynxes come in different colors from light beige to shades of bitter chocolate. Relatively big ears taken from the Devon rexes also strike the eye.


The majestic Sphynx loves to be the center of attention. This cat is smart, energetic, philanthropic and devoted. The expression “knows the time of the day” is just about the Sphynx. It likes to observe the events especially look out of the window. Sphynxes usually cause delight of the guests. Fine prominent muscles under the velvet skin are simply amazing! However, it takes its time to get acquainted unlike a common cat. The Sphynx has the character and sets quite a value to its personality. Herewith it is tender and devoted to its owner. Sphynxes can easily find the common ground with young children and other pets. You will probably be surprised, but the Sphynx is acknowledged the friendliest breed in the world and you will certainly have a chance to estimate its gentle and easy disposition.

Care and health

The care requested for such cats is quite simple. As long as Sphynxes are hairless, it is necessary to control the ambient temperature, spare it from cold and direct sunlight. Sphynxes need to be regularly bathed, approximately 1-2 times per week, using shampoos to fit its sensitive skin. With proper care, Sphynxes can live up to 18-19 years while the average life span is 12-15 years. It is also necessary to arrange a warm sleeping area for your Sphynx to make it feel safe and comfortable.

To let a Sphynx enter your life is not at all a sudden decision to make. As you will have to become an ally and a friend for it and what you get in return will be the most precious gift – love and affection of this truly royal creature.