Serval about breed

Royal Performance

Do the glamour, brilliance and epatage compose the essential aspects of your life? You cannot imagine your life without some spice, surrounding exotics and luxury? Then we would like to introduce you to a king of wild African prairie – the magnificent and incomparable, slender and sophisticate, amazing and matchless SERVAL. It is time to create legends about beauty and splendor of this creature. You have a chance to reanimate this legend at home.

Historical background

Africa is the homeland of Servals. These wonderful creatures were exterminated for many years for the purpose their fur, thus the number of them decreased distinctly while some of Serval’s sub-species were red-listed. Not so long ago it turned out that Servals are easily tamed and can be perfectly kept at home. Breeders all around the world started to select kittens for raising and future life with human. However, it is only a wealthy person who can afford buying such a spotted and extravagant beauty, as Servals are recognized to be the most expensive cats worldwide. Only by addressing to experienced breeders you can be sure of your pet’s purity. The procreators of your future pet belong to 15th generation raised among people and selected from famous breeders all around the world. They love people and live in harmony with them.

Сервал мурмулет

Physical features

It is a pure pleasure to watch the Serval! This gorgeous spotted beauty is literally born to compel and hold the delighted glances with its grace and utter perfection. Serval’s coat is a soft, smooth and shiny fur incredibly fine to the touch. The long tail is decorated with cross rings giving this royal animal an authentic charm. Servals have long slender legs intended for record jumping, so don’t be surprised with your pet’s ability to jump to a height of almost three meters. Servals are also distinguished by their big ears with a distinctive white bar at the back of them. These ears function like real antennas unmistakably recognizing even the subtle sounds. The body length reaches 1 meter, while the withers height is 50 cm. Servals’ weight can vary from 8 to 18 kilograms which is not more than that of a middle sized dog. This is a charming and amazing cat that mesmerizes by its flexibility, graceful pace and fine outlines of muscles.


The first traits that are marked by the owners of these magnificent and wonderful creatures are their intellect, sagacity and devotion. In order to acquire such traits Servals have to be raised properly. A Serval kitten bought from a professional breeder is a tender, kind and caressing pet that enjoys playing with you and your family members, and easily bonds with children and other pets. This prankster can carelessly put its paw anywhere to get a treat. The Serval needs the time to get accustomed with new surroundings so let it has its time and do not rush the things. In the wildlife they hunt for rodents and small birds, so a human for them is a compelling rival. When the Serval is scared the most that it can do is to hiss. Moreover, Serval kittens have their front paw claws removed by laser which does not hamper their movements or cause any discomfort. Pay as much attention to your brilliant Serval as you would to a truly royal person and you will get its trust, affection and enjoy its friendship.

Care and health

Despite their beauty and royal manners Servals are very unpretentious. With proper care they can live up to 20 years. Servals feel at ease both in a country house and a spacious city apartment. By getting the proper upbringing at Murmulet breeder kittens are already accustomed to cat litter box and tidy as the behavior norm is defined by genetics. Before the Serval reaches its puberty it is recommended to castrate or sterilize the kittens in order for them not to mark your apartment or house and bring you nothing but joy. The main part of their nourishment is raw meat, but do not limit the menu to meet only, as you can feed Servals with well-balanced, high-quality dry foods and vitamins that would keep your favorite pet healthy. It is recommended to indulge this royal creature and let it eat out of your hands. This breed can be sometimes walked in the fresh air as it can be easily trained to walk on a leash just like a dog and it is better to start such a practice from the very infancy. Servals as well as Savannahs love water so do not deprive your pet from the pleasure of splashing in the swimming pool with you. It is very important for all the family members to pay attention to this little prince for you are real parents for it. Only with you it feels safe and truly happy.

An impressive and elegant Serval is a true friend and exotic pet in the house, spotty royal cat that embodies excellence and luxury! Are you already intrigued by this unusual pet? It will surely become your favorite, accentuate your status and add some spice to your daily routine.