Napoleon about breed


Do you dream of a tiny tot that would never grow up? There is a solution – small Napoleons possessing unusual appearance and temperament.

Historical background

Despite its name this breed has quite a remote relation to the grand general. Though, by the way, Napoleon Bonaparte was also notable for his low height and had a fright of cats. But this kind of breed wouldn’t frighten even Napoleon. It is recognized that the Napoleon is derived from two existing breeds the Persian and the Munchkin. The first Napoleon kitten appeared in 1995 at American breeder Joe Smith and the same year the breed was registered by TICA (USA). However, so far it is a very complicated task to develop healthy progeny that would correspond to all standards and it is only experienced breeders that are in the position to do so. The reason for this is the Persian’s complex genetics. Therefore it is good to know the genealogy of both procreators very well. That is exactly why Napoleon’s breeding is a troublesome and complicated business: it is not always the case that nature rewards breeders with a 100% pureblood Napoleon! That is precisely why kittens of this breed are very rare, exclusive and expensive. This is their appearance that contributes to this fact.

Наполеон-Минуэт Мурмулет

Physical features

Napoleons are short-legged cats with wide-open childish eyes. In adult age male cats weigh less than 2 kilograms and female – around 1 kilogram, which is 2-3 times less than that of other popular breeds. Napoleons come in both long-haired and short-haired varieties. The coat color can be of any type, which is not defined by the standard; herewith eye color always matches the coat color. Due to their vitality Napoleons look like curious kittens and trigger emotions from everyone who sees them. Abroad, for example, these cats are nick-named a “TEA CUP” or a “BABY DOLL”. In Russia Napoleons have a different name: small chunk of happiness.


Napoleons are very friendly and tender creatures. If you are busy, your pet will not bother you. The intuition of Napoleons is simply fantastic – at right time it feels that you need its warmth and affection. In such a case this cat comes and with your permission climbs onto your lap. This breed is fully deprived of aggression, thus don’t be afraid to introduce your pet to young children – you will be surprised with its tenderness towards a child. Moreover, Napoleons remain devoted to their master till the end of their life.

Care and health

A Napoleon is unpretentious in terms of care; the only thing it treats with tremble is your love, attention and care. The Average life span of a Napoleon is 10-15 years, but with proper care they can live up to 18-20 years. These harmless tiny tots will simply not survive if they happen to be outside without supervision! Apart from this, Napoleons are not more demanding than other cats. Though, if you feed them with premium class food, they will be grateful to you.

So if you have a dream of a small creature in your house that needs your care and love and that is ready in its turn to give love and affection to its master, think about this breed that would bring you happiness and brighten your lonely days.