Kinkalow about breed

Home treasure

Have you ever dreamt of a cat as intellectual as your smart house? We would like to introduce you the KINKALOW breed. They are friendly, smart, curious and exclusive!

Historical background

We can say that this breed appeared almost by an accident. American Terry Harris was trying to breed short-legged cats and he succeeded by crossing the American Curl with the Munchkin. The breed was registered quite recently, in 1997 by TICA. There are only several dozens of Kinkalow cats in the world. Thus, Kinkalows are a recent and exclusive breed – only a select number of breeders raise these graceful beauties.

Кинкалоу мурмулет

Physical features

Kinkalow cats are truly beautiful! Nature endowed them with a tiger shaped head, strong-built, fine body, and a long and elegant tail. They also inherited short legs and slightly curled ears from their ancestors. The weight of an adult cat is around 3 kilograms. Kinkalow coats may vary from snow-white to chocolate-brown, being shiny and plush. This is probably the case when intelligence and beauty provides a successful blend making their keeper incomparable.


Kinkalows took their lively, friendly and very curious temperament from their ancestors. If they are captivated by some object, you can be sure – they will finally get it! Kinkalows are sociable and curious – and easily bond with young children and other pets. They are a very charming and fluffy friend.

Care and health

Kinkalows possess good health, endurance and are very simple to look after. Nevertheless, do not try to test them by leaving these cats outside without observation – for with their short legs they cannot run away from predators or cars. Such cats would prefer to snuggle on your lap rather than look for adventures outside. The average life span of this breed is 10-15 years, but with proper care Kinkalows can live up to 18-20 years.

A Kinkalow is unusual cat. You can easily fall in love with it, but it is difficult to find it. Thus if you come across this beauty, do not release it anymore – who knows, it may happen that in this little treasure you would find your soul mate.