Caracal about breed

Каракал Мурмулет

Affectionate friend

Are you attracted by exotic beauty and burning temperament? Than we would like to introduce you to one of the most mysterious, charming, unique, admirable and glamorous member of cat family – the majestic, graceful and aristocratic CARACAL.

Historical background

The Caracal is a rare animal that is threatened with extinction. Its native habitat is in desert and savannas of Africa, Minor and Central Asia, Arabian Peninsula and the Caspian See coast. Several years ago the Caracal moved from the category of wild predators to the category of exclusive and expensive pets. By getting Caracal kitten you help the nature to keep one of the wild cat species.

Today the Caracal is a rear dweller at breeders, thus to get the truly purebred Caracal kitten raised among humans is only possible at highly experienced and recognized breeder. All our procreators are highly selected worldwide with account of all the genetic and exterior traits, and being domesticated in 15th generation they love people and live in harmony with them.

Physical features

The exquisite and matchless Caracal is very often confused with lynx; the reason for this is the presence of a long tuft on the tip of the ear that is the specific decoration of this fabulous and unique breed. Young Caracal has its tufts standing upright while the adult one has them hanging over like ribbons. The coat color of the Caracal can be different: from light-tawny to intense milk chocolate. This breed has a short and very thick coat, smooth to the touch. Caracal is a sturdy animal with strong neck and noble statue. The withers height reaches half a meter while the weight – up to 20 kilograms which is three times more than that of a common cat. The body length reaches 60 cm while particularly large representatives of the breed can grow up to 1 meter. This nimble and agile cat got the name of one of the most beautiful breed worldwide that now is possible to be settled at home.


Caracal kittens born in specialized breeders and raised among humans are not aggressive and not dangerous which is very important for living in a family. This breed is curious, agile and enjoys playing with people. If you buy your pet a ball to play with, you will afford it a great pleasure. Try to hide a toy from this adorable pet and it will surely find it and immediately bring to you. Another great joy for this exquisite and graceful cat is communication with a master. Take your time for it and you will find an affectionate and sociable friend in your pet. Despite its splendor Caracals get along with children and other pets very well.

Care and health

The glamorous Caracal is unpretentious in terms of care, but nevertheless you should meet the buying with responsibility. There are a number of things to remember about. Caracal kitten needs an open-air cage and a possibility to have a walk outside. The most suitable place for this is a country house with a field or a spacious city apartment. By the way, this breed can be easily trained to walk on a leash just like a dog. The front paw claws are removed by laser in Caracal’s infancy which does not hamper their movements anyhow, but helps to avoid occasional scratching of an owner. In the Murmulet breeder kittens get a decent education: they are already accustomed to cat litter box, tidy and their behavior norm is defined by genetics. Before a Caracal reaches its puberty it is recommended to castrate or sterilize the kittens at age of 8-9 moths in order for them not to mark your apartment or house and bring you nothing but joy. The average life span of these matchless and splendid animals is 20 years. You can feed them both with raw meat and high-quality dry food. Keep in mind that Caracals are excellent jumpers, so it is better to take care of a high fence. You should also think of different game devices, so that active and mischievous pet would fully appreciate your care.


A graceful and sublime Caracal will become a treasure of the most exquisite house and for you – an affectionate and considerate friend for the years to come.