Elf about breed

Faithful Elf

When you hear the word “elf”, do you recall the characters of Celtic myths and legends? Now you have a chance to settle a fancy pet in your house. Meet a cat breed called the Elf – a rare and one of the youngest breeds in the world.

Historical background

This breed appeared not by chance, but as a result of deliberate crossing between the American Curl and the Canadian Sphynx. The idea of such an experiment occurred to American amateur-breeders Karen Nelson and Kristen Leedom in the late 90th, however, the first litter saw the light only in 2006 – unusual hairless kittens with curled back ears. The breeders that grow this exotic type of cat are not numerous and located mostly in the USA – Elf’s homeland. Since 2007 Elf kittens can be registered by the TICA. Those who love everything uncommon also have a chance to acquire such wonderful pets.

Эльф мурмулет

Physical features

You will never confuse an Elf with other breed as this one is notable with its curled back ears, big as radars. These ears make a good combination with wide opened almond eyes, often blue or green – all together it gives the muzzle a mysterious and unearthly air, just like that of an alien! Whereas the curled back ears are inherited from the American Curl, the soft, peach-colored skin together with absence of hair is taken from the Sphynx. The body color of this breed can be of any type and is not determined by the standard. The slightly outstanding abdomen is the trait of a purebred Elf. You should also pay attention to the weight – adult pets can weigh up to 7 kilograms! So it is definitely not a mini-cat. But these 7 kilograms is the weight of pure tenderness.


The Elf is extremely patient, clever and curious pet. These traits the breed took after its majestic ancestor – the Sphynx. Elfs are very gentle and affectionate towards every member of a family they live in as well as towards other pets. “My home is my castle’ – convinced the Elf. On the other hand, Elfs love to be the center of attention, how can anyone remain coldblooded being met every evening by the creature madly expressing its delight at seeing you? The Elf even wags its tail just like a dog. Being curious and frisky Elfs win the hearts of family members by its boundless energy, joy and cheerfulness. At night it prefers to get closer to its masters, allowing this you will turn your Elf into the happiest creature in the whole world!

Care and health

The strong health of the Elf is inherited from the Curl. With proper care, Elfs can live up to 18-19 years while the average life span is 12-15 years. This cat needs the same type of care as any other hairless cats: regular bathing, approximately 1-2 times per week, using baby shampoos to fit its sensitive skin and no overfeeding. Take care of ambient temperature and create a warm sleeping area for your pet.

If you are already enchanted with this fantastic and delightful Elf, do not deprive yourself of a pleasure to get acquainted with this unique breed. You can believe us – this descendant of fairy creatures will constantly cheer you up. It will for sure win your heart and as a feedback you will get absolute loyalty and devotion for years to come.