Dwelf about breed

Little Heartbreaker

”Versatility” is not just a word it is a state of mind and not only of human one. A creature that combines several independent traits: majesty of the Sphynx, fabulousness of the Elf and mischief of the Bambino is a little fairy-tale Dwelf.

Historical background

The Dwelf is a result of complex selection work – crossbreeding The Canadian Sphynx, the Munchkin and the American Curl. Consequently there came a small hairless cat with ears of the Elf and short legs combining the traits peculiar of each of the listed breeds. The Dwelf is a very recent and quite rare breed. There are only about several dozens of them in the world. It is not an easy job to develop a pureblood Dwelf and it is a result of elaborately designed selection and high professional skills of a breeder.

Двэльф мурмулет

Physical features

The appearance of the Dwelf can melt even the iciest heart! The weight of this unique cat does not exceed 2 kilograms even in adult age which is two times less than that of other common breeds. It is impossible to confuse Dwelfs with other breed as this cat has too many outstanding features. First of them are big curled elvish ears and short legs peculiar of mini-cats. Muscled body of a Dwelf is absolutely hairless and the skin feels like soft suede. Coat color of Dwelfs as well as of their ancestors can vary from white to bitter chocolate-brown which can fit even the most delicate taste. You will never forget the big almond eyes of this unusual breed as Dwelfs are simply adorable!


Once Dwelf steps into your house it wins plenty of hearts. Sociable and affectionate Dwelfs never remain uninvolved if there is something interesting happening nearby. The small size does not hamper the mobility of the cat. On the contrary, nimble and quick Dwelfs can catch up with everything and make friends with everyone. Children are especially delighted with Dwelfs. These fabulous creatures always play with other pets that are glad to have such a nice and friendly neighbor. A gentle and tender Dwelf will quickly become the best friend for you and your family members.

Care and health

You should take into account the absence of hair on your pet’s body and protect it from temperature differences as Dwelfs are heat-loving creatures. It is recommended to bathe them regularly in baby shampoo approximately once per 10 days. Generally speaking Dwelfs are unpretentious and strong which is a result of genetics. With proper care Dwelfs can live up to 18-20 years while the average life span is 12-15 years. Share your tender loving care with your pet and you will receive delicacy, tenderness and love in return.

Do you have a desire to meet this little heartbreaker? Give way to it. This heavenly creature will not leave you indifferent, it will bring you happiness and an ocean of love. A fairy-tale Dwelf is absolutely unforgettable!