Bambino about breed


Do you like dynamic, easy-going and nimble creatures? In such a case, you will surely fall for this ever-young cat – a mischievous and playful Bambino.

Historical background

As many things in this world this breed was created by accident as a cross between the Munchkin and the Sphynx. First hairless kitten appeared at spouse-breeders Stephanie and Pat Osborne. Owners called it Bambino, because of Pat’s Italian origin (bambino comes from Italian “baby, child”). Currently the Bambino breed is registered in almost all the exhibition systems. This breed appears to be exclusive, rare and expensive and it is of importance that in order to create a pureblood Bambino it is necessary to have at least three generations born after the Munchkin and the Sphynx crossbreeding. The breed purity is a result of elaborately designed selection and high professional skills of a breeder.

Бамбино Мурмулет

Physical features

These babies took the short legs from their Munchkin ancestors and complete hairlessness after the Sphynx ones. Adult Bambinos weigh from 2 to 4 kilograms. This wonderful breed comes in all possible coat colors that can please even the most sophisticated owner. Their body reminds the one of an athlete: muscled and well-built being silky to the touch. Bambinos possess innocent, widely set almond eyes and oblong head. Exactly due to these eyes, Bambino’s muzzle keeps an innocent look even in adult age. The most exclusive and exotic cats of this breed are the ones with different-colored eyes. Straight big ears broad at the bottom also draw attention. Bambino’s tail is elastic and flexible topped with a switch just like a lion’s one. Although a cute Bambino reminds more of a clumsy child, true fans will never remain cool-blooded towards this lovely and charming basset-cat.


These perpetual babies are restless, mischievous, agile and energetic. Sure enough your children will love to play with Bambinos that easily share their affection. Bambino’s sociable and playful temperament fascinates at first sight. These trustful creatures know no limits in their love towards people becoming attached to them once and for all. Bambinos are very friendly and bring the atmosphere of warmth, comfort and harmony. It is absolutely impossible to remain indifferent when your Bambino-mischief looks at you with widely opened eyes as this gaze is totally spellbinding!

Care and health

These playful babies do not require any specific care. Just like other hairless cats Bambinos should be regularly bathed in baby shampoo approximately once per 10 days. The Bambino’s life span is not less than 12 years, but with proper care they can live up to 18-20 years. You should also protect your pet from heat and cold, do not deprive it from tasty and sustaining food to refill their energy as far as being agile they spend it very fast. In cold weather these good-looking mods would rejoice at a warm knitted jacket. Moreover, you can bring your pet a great pleasure by letting it get into your bed as it is a huge pleasure for them to feel human warmth.

Socializing with this pure and innocent creature that needs your affection and care you will get memorable impressions. Share your love with this cat and you will be surprised at how this small treasure can love in return.