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About The Cattery Murmulet

The MURMULET is a modern breeder of a new type that has no parallels worldwide.

The certificate of the international association TICA

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The unique trait of this breeder is the fact that you can buy kittens of the most rare and exclusive breeds, among them there are often masterpieces of cat world to be found and it is a place you can always find a pet to bring to your house.

There are the following reasons why we recommend choosing a future pet here:


Our procreators are represented by the whole range of incomparable works of nature that had been selected from all around the world for many years. We purchase animals for breeding from the abroad and only from the best breeders of the USA, Canada, Europe and South Africa. The Murmulet has a world lead in procreator genotype. Our breeder has the biggest choice of cat species allowing to receive a progeny with given parameters. Our clients are delighted with truly unique purebred kittens having perfect health, good temper, kind disposition and perfect appearance.


When buying a kitten you get its passport containing data about its parents and their achievements. This is important if you want to participate in different kind of exhibitions with your pet in the years to come or seriously plan to start breeding.


The Murmulet breeder is built according to a special project, designed by a group of foreign and Russian phenologists in an ecological district near Moscow. Unlike the majority of breeders in Russia the Murmulet was built under strict observance of sanitation standards and veterinary regulations. Each room of the breeder is equipped with ventilation system, heated floors and video cameras. Special foods for different breeds are prepared on the additionally equipped kitchen. There are also separately organized washing rooms for our pets. Delivery rooms, quarantine units, game rooms and class rooms for training are also provided in our breeder. Our cats are kept in homely atmosphere and in addition there are open-air cages for exotic cats. All this is aimed at making the life of our pets comfortable and happy.


Our fosterlings are surrounded by professionals led by chief phenologist Natalia Belyakova 24 hours a day; they keep an eye on cats’ nutrition, health, physical and psychological development. All matings are planned in advance and carried out under control; each delivery is realized entirely under veterinary supervision. The foods and vitamins purchased abroad and selected for each single breed allow our pets remain beautiful, healthy and cheerful day after day, year after year bringing pleasure to their owner.


We execute a unique program focused on social adaptation of kittens involving highly professional veterinary-psychologists to study behavioral peculiarities of each pet. Manual feeding from a bottle is foreseen for exotic cats. We teach each kitten to use cat litter box, claw scratching mat, keep the rules and the main thing is that our pets get accustomed to love people and be friends with them. Having made their first steps in our breeder kittens meet their future loving owners. After the nursery, kindergarten and school having gone through all the socialization stages kittens are fully ready to live in your house.


You are always welcomed to visit the unique boutique for exclusive cats that is located in one of the most prestigious districts of Moscow. This is the place where we regularly deliver kittens; some of them are already waiting for their future owners to give them their cat love and affection. Our specialists – phenologists and veterinaries – will give you an advice, tell you about the peculiarities of different breeds and help you to make an important choice. Just make a call and at any time that is suitable for you we will bring kittens of a certain breed into the city so that you could get acquainted, socialize with them, feel the joy and pleasure and choose your future pet. If you have already imagined it to yourself several times we can accept your request on coat and eye color and other inherited characters, select suitable procreators for conceiving in order to offer you a kitten of your dream.


The Murmulet is not just a breeder for exclusive and rare cats. We truly love these amazing, brilliant, splendid and delightful creatures and we want to share this feeling with our friends, clients and partners. We tend to make your life and the life of your pet at most bright, interesting and happy. We will not only help you to choose a pet for the lifetime, we also keep constantly in touch and ready to give advice on feeding, handling or training of your pet and a host of other things.

In 2013 our breeder was registered in Russian Agency for Patents and Trademarks as well as in International Association TICA.